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Dr. Justice approaches assessment from the biopsychosocial model and utilizes evidenced-based treatment interventions including behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy to treat patients in the areas of:

  • Adjustment to and management of psychosocial factors associated with acute and chronic medical issues such as sleep disorders, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological disorders, pediatric cancer, and pain disorders.

  • Treatment adherence and compliance to medical regimens

  • Primary care behavioral pediatrics

    • Toileting issues  

    • Behavior management

    • Building self-soothing skills

    • Parenting

    • Adjustment to a stressor

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Selective Mutism

  • Habit Disorders

  • Depression/Mood Disorders

  • Disruptive Behavior Disorders/ADHD

  • Sleep Disorders

Kimberly Kirkpatrick Justice, PhD is a clinical psychologist specializing in clinical child, pediatric/health, and sleep psychology along with primary care behavioral medicine. She has extensive experience working on multidisciplinary teams along side medical providers coordinating care to address both the psychological and medical needs of the whole patient.

Dr. Justice holds a masters of science and doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a speciality in Pediatric and Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Florida’s Clinical and Health Psychology Department. Dr. Justice’s clinical training also includes a Predoctoral Internship at the prestigious Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, MO. During this training experience, she worked in the general child psychology outpatient clinic conducting psychological and psychoeducational assessments and treatment for children with a variety of learning and behavioral disorders. In addition, she consulted with medical teams to provide psychological services for the pediatric medical inpatients and participated on the autism interdisciplinary team to provide psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions for children on the autism spectrum. She completed her post-doctoral psychological residency at Psychological Affiliates, Inc., a private practice specializing in forensic psychology in Winter Park, Florida.

In 2007, Dr. Justice joined the Children’s Lung, Asthma & Sleep Specialists Practice. She developed the practice’s behavioral sleep medicine program to provide psychological services to the pediatric and adult sleep and pulmonary patients. This program focuses on psychosocial, developmental, and contextual factors contributing to the etiology, course, and outcome of sleep and pulmonary medical conditions. It also incorporated the assessment and treatment of comorbid behavioral and emotional issues as well as promoting health and health-related behaviors.


Dr. Justice is the only clinical psychologist in the Central Florida area recognized by the American Board of Sleep Medicine as completing all requirements to practice a specialty in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Dr. Justice continues to act as a referral/consultant resource for medical groups. Dr. Justice is a proud member of the Pediatric Sleep Council. The Pediatric Sleep Council is an international team with expertise in all aspects of sleep and development, providing free, comprehensive, and evidence-based information on baby and toddler sleep (


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