Fee Schedule:

Please call our office to discuss providers' fees. Fees vary based on length of appointment and professional you are seeing. 

Drs. Bradshaw, Brownridge and Horst:

Initial Adult Consultations- 60-90 minutes 

Adult follow-up Medication Management: 30-45 minutes.

Initial Child/Adolescent Consultation:

Varies based on Physician


Follow-up Child/Adolescent Medication Management:

                45 minutes

Ashley Wells, Bri Franklin, Morgan McKee:

50 Minute Psychotherapy and Coaching sessions

Drs. Robyn Cohen and Stacy Carmichael:

Length of evaluation depends on type of evaluation and testing performed.

Insurance Reimbursement:


Bradshaw & Associates is not a part of any insurance panels and does not process requests for insurance reimbursement. As such, each provider is considered an “out of network” provider for most PPO plans. If you have a health benefits policy that provides mental health coverage, you may be entitled to insurance reimbursement for any provided professional services. You will receive an itemized invoice at the end of each visit to submit to your insurance company if you choose.

Fee schedule